María Botto and Juancho Hernangómez (‘Garra’): “The world of cinema is tougher than the world of basketball” | Videos | Film and Television

Making a film with an actress with a filmography like that of Maria Botto impressive though Adam Sandler He is going to be the protagonist, sure to give you vertigo. Juancho Hernangomez he is not an actor -and he makes it clear in all his interviews lately-, although he has worked with both in Claw.

After passing many tests and marking acting as a challenge that arose from that need that we all had to do things in confinement, The role of Bo Cruz came to Juancho as a story of humble origins and with certain parallels in his career.

Netflix’s synopsis makes the plot of the film clear: “A world-weary NBA scout. An unknown player with a checkered past. Two antiheroes who get a chance to make their dreams come true.” The question is, will they make it? It will not be a bed of roses, perhaps another of the key points of the film: it narrates the humility of sport without any kind of adornment.

Adam Sandler He is the great protagonist of the film together with Hernangómez, although his fanaticism for basketball goes beyond the big screen. The legendary Hollywood actor is passionate about this sport, just like María Botto. Therefore, he was a perfect trio to star in a film entirely focused on this sport.

Juancho also confessed that the world of cinema is more complicated than sports, although not for anything in particular: he is naturally used to training and playing matches, while this first look at his debut has served him to see the continuous work involved in making a film and the complicated path an actor must follow to get to work .

On continuing in the world of acting, Juancho did not want to pronounce himself, because you don’t like to think long term. Of course, he does not close the door to a future in which Adam, María or the director of the film ask him to resume his brief career as an actor and get back in front of the cameras, although everything is up in the air.

If you want to know what else they told us, do not miss the full interview on these lines. Press play and find out what it was like to record the latest Netflix production, what the first contact with Adam Sandler was like or how the filming was in Spain, among other topics.

Claw is now available on Netflix.

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