Love and Thunder is the gayest Marvel movie

According to Natalie Portman, Thor: Love and Thunder is the gayest movie in the history of Marvel Studios. This is how the actress herself explained it!

In an interview with journalist Andrew Freund, the star of Thor: Love and Thunder and actress of Jane Foster, Natalie Portmantalked about what we can expect from the new film by Marvel Studios. Apparently the tape Taika Waititi it will be really amazing. The Hollywood star has claimed that it is the gayest movie in the entire history of the studio. We don’t know what that really means, but the actress has been very clear when describing it like this.

This has been the conversation between the journalist and the interpreter:

  • Andrew Freund: “Natalie, is it true to say that Thor: Love and Thunder is the gayest movie Marvel Studios has ever made?”
  • Natalie Portman: “I love that reading. Yes, of course. I love that”.
  • Freund: “I mean… are you flying in the middle of a rainbow or am I just imagining it?”
  • Portman: “That’s the core of the comics. I feel like that’s where it all started. It’s very faithful to the source material, at least I think so.”

The importance of female representation in superhero movies

Natalie Portman also spoke about the importance of children dressing up as her character, the Marvel Studios Goddess of Thunder who will be featured in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Is incredible. It is a privilege to be in this world. And it’s also wonderful to be in an era where there are so many female superheroes. Girls no longer have to say, “Oh! There’s a girl, so that’s the one that represents me.” There are so many that they can choose from and relate to based on their personality or superpowers. Or even his weaknesses. They like to know who they fit in with as individuals and don’t just feel like they have to find their demographics to align with them.

On the other hand, Andrew Freund posed the following question to Natalie Portman: if Jane Foster’s Goddess of Thunder had her own book club, what kind of literature would we find? The Marvel Studios actress in Thor: Love and Thunder answered the following.

Perhaps some like love poetry, like Pablo Neruda. In fact, I saw Chris Hemsworth reading something like that one day on the film set and thought, “Oh, I feel like that’s very much in our vein.” I think it would be a very romantic literature, I’m sure it would be like that.

Natalie Portman also revealed what she would do if she were truly granted the power of her character. “I would get rid of all the people who lead the wars,” she said.

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