Keanu Reeves has entered NFTs with The Futureverse Foundation

The iconic Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeveshas shown interest in the subject of NFT’sbecause together with his partner Alexandra Grant, they have created an association to finance the creators of these digital assets.

Call The Futureverse Foundationthe company created by the actor and his partner plans that entering the market of NFT and in general, to the metaverse, be more accessible to people residing in disadvantaged backgrounds.

However, this association had the help of the companies Non-Fungible Labs and Fluf World, a company of NFT based in New Zealand, which has allowed the foundations of a technological change to be formed to bring the metaverse and the NFT to everywhere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The Futureverse Foundation is betting that the non-fungible tokenseither NFT (unique digital objects secured by blockchain technology), they can be more than speculative instruments, they can have genuine artistic value. This foundation is committed to funding artists who will create powerful works to transform into these crypto assets, proving that fine art has a home in the next iteration of the Internet, often called Web 3.0.”

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About, Keanu Reeves said the following:

“I am honored to join the efforts of Non-Fungible Labs in cooperation with Alexandra Grant for the extraordinary program and opportunity to The Futureverse Foundationin support of artists and creators worldwide.”

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