KAWSBANANIN, the new Fortnite skin

KAWSBANANÍN will be the new skin that will come to Fortnite with accessories. Skeleton KAWS will return to the store to keep you company.

Bananín is mixed with KAWS to create the skin KAWSBANANIN, which will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting July 2. Players will be able to find it alongside a retro backpack, a glider, and a KAWS paper. In addition, the KAWS Skeleton outfit will reappear in the store.

fortnite KAWSBANANIN skin store
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Take the inspiration of KAWSBANANÍN with you by using the retro backpack COMPANION KAWS (included with the KAWSBANANÍN outfit). This retro backpack, which will never leave you, comes with the styles GREY DAYS Y NOIR NIGHTS in addition to the default style.

Also, unleash terror in the sky with the glider AWAY FROM HOME, a KAWS PARTNER globified to unsettle his opponents. Plus, give your gear a banana-esque look with paper TIME TO MATURE.

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Use the above accessories with the new KAWSBANANIN outfit or with the KAWS Skeleton outfit that returned to the item shop. Skeleton KAWS comes in four colors: green, pink, off-white, and orange.

In other news, Epic Games continues to surprise the Fortnite community with a lot of content for them to have fun when playing. The developer goes beyond pop culture and has prepared a collaboration between its different games, which will allow players to get exclusive rewards. In the battle royal you can get free skin with Fall Guys and here we explain how.

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