John Williams protagonist of the apotheosis of the public in the Palace of Carlos V – Granada

The music scene of the 20th century is extraordinarily rich. Among the most valuable elements it has produced is film music. The list of authors is extensive and brilliant. It occupies a privileged place John Williamswhose career happily continues to this day.

With a correct criterion, this year’s programming of the pomegranate festival had planned to dedicate one of its pages in a monographic way to this composer. For this he has counted on the solvency of the Youth Orchestra of the Galician Symphony. This type of formations are, increasingly, a guarantee of good music and an extraordinary level. Also with the solvent baton of Victor Paul Perez and outstanding storytelling Salvador Vidal. All under the script Jordi Cos they have achieved a resounding triumph, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of the public who enjoyed a memorable night. Because it is true that these types of concerts abound in the cultural programming circuits, but it is also true that taking the show to the Palace of Charles Vacquires a special dimension.

The music of John Williams It is one of those artistic manifestations that do not need to be explained. His scores, like others of the genre, should make us reflect on the film-music marriage, two creations that have come together in a special way.

In Steven Spielberg’s Grenade

The sequence of the show, which included projections in the second gallery of the courtyard of the Imperial Palacel, it has happened as expected. We witness an exciting performance, powerful, capable of evoking lyricism when necessary, martiality when required and the permanent presence of emotion, so important when we talk about art. This is how we enjoy unforgettable soundtracks like Harry Potter, Jurasic Park, Schindler’s List, Close Encounters of the Third Kindor Star Warsalso of the tribute that the own Williams wrote as a tribute to his fellow composers who pay attention to the seventh art or the gift with Indiana Jonesthe most Granada film steven spielbergsome of whose main sequences have our monuments and landscapes as a setting, which is why in Granada it sounded in a very special way.

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