FINALLY EXPLAINED IT: Héctor Herrera told why he did NOT stay at Atlético de Madrid and joined the MLS

Right at his best moment at Atlético de Madrid, just when he was beginning to be valued by Diego Simeone as an element for the starting XI, Héctor Herrera was announced as a stellar bombshell for the houston dynamo of the MLS.

The news surprised a lot, but the decision is quite understandable.

This Friday, at his presentation press conference in the United States, HH spoke about how much he was seduced by the project presented by the Texan club. The financial offer made sense, he is fit to lead a team and, furthermore, he considered that it was the best for his family (quality of life).


“Why make this decision? In life and in football you always have to make decisions, and you always try to make the best decision for yourself and your family. Both me and my family believe that we have made the best decision. Why? Because they have offered us a challenge, a project, which has made me, my family and my employer very excited. And I think that, at the moment I am, I can offer the best of me for this project and not in a few years, where I would no longer be able to give the best of me on the pitch. I believe that this is the fundamental reason why we have made this decision. And we are very happy and excited”.

He did what he considered best for his family: “People may be surprised by the decision I have made. If I had stayed at Atlético de Madrid I would have surprised them too, because I didn’t play that much (laughs). One, in life, in football, at work, you have to make decisions. I, my family, my employer, have made the best decision, and we are very happy with it. We are going to do our part.”

A couple of months ago, in TUDNsaid that his deliberation was based on the future of his family: “It is an end of contract. We have not reached any agreement, both the club and my employer, nor I. And nothing, I have to look for my future, I have to look for the future of my family. And it’s more for that than anything else. Obviously there are challenges, dreams and illusions that one has as a player, and you have to follow them “.

As much as the decision is not shared, it is not difficult to understand. She is 32 years old, she spent almost a decade in Europe and they presented her with a contract that no one would offer her in the old continent. Sportingly, it is not the best, of course, but it is on a family and personal level (less demand, better quality of life).

HH arrived in the USA with an important tour and after having been successful in the old continent (especially in Portugal). He left his mark on Porto (multi-champion, idol and captain) and showed that he could compete at Atlético de Madrid.

Did I have to go there? Yes.

Is it worth thinking about your family, future and comfort? Also.

Undefeated data. Héctor Herrera has played for the Mexican national team since 2011. He has played 96 matches with the TRI. Referrer.

Did you know…? Héctor Herrera was part of the U23 team that won the Olympic qualifiers, Toulon and the Olympic championship in 2012. A magical year.

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