Excalibur Army presents a howitzer on the Tatra Force 8×8 chassis

Czech military company Excalibur Army has unveiled a prototype of the new Morana wheeled self-propelled howitzer at the Eurosatory 2022 defense fair in Paris.

According to an Excalibur Army press release, this modern artillery system on the Tatra Force 8×8 chassis has a 155mm gun with a barrel length of 52 calibers installed in a rotating armored turret. It is a fully automated artillery system that complies with NATO standards and is capable of very effective target fire thanks to modern electronics and the performance of the main weapon.

The unique construction of the Morana self-propelled howitzer represents a combination of a car chassis and an independent tower artillery system with an armor-protected crew. It combines the advantages of the lightest self-propelled artillery systems of the TMG (Truck Mounted Gun) category and heavy artillery systems with battle towers.

Therefore, it offers low weight and the associated ease of transport, high mobility on paved roads and in difficult terrain, while eliminating the need for road transport logistics, as is the case with artillery systems on tracks, a high level of crew protection, a fully automatic loading system, gun guidance and aiming, and a large ammunition capacity.

The basic capability of the on-board control system is to prepare the howitzer for firing within 40 seconds of stopping in the firing position. This operation is carried out in automatic mode without the need to leave the cabin, that is, the aiming of the cannon at the target, the loading of the ammunition and the firing are controlled from the workstations in the cabin.

The diagnostic system records operating data of selected vehicle systems or fault conditions. The diagnostics system displays these parameters and statuses on the screens of the individual workstations in the cab. Depending on the needs, the selected data can be sent to the higher level to assess the combat capacity or in case of need to plan logistical support. Failure states are archived for service maintenance needs.

The special architecture of the on-board control system enables the integration of the customer’s fire control system solution.

The new Morana howitzer has a modular construction, while the turret with the guns and ammunition can be installed on various chassis, including tracked ones.

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