Dalila di Lazzaro and Marina Perzy, the secret girlfriends of Stefano Casiraghi (rivals of Carolina de Monaco)

It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when Stefano Casiraghi was an anonymous character despite his good perch, his budding fortune and his dalliances with two of the most impressive women of the time,
Delilah de Lazzaro and Marina Perzy.

But it was not until the wedding with Carolina de Monaco that the rest of the famous women who had passed through the sentimental life of Stefano Casiraghi (and who suffered the same fate as the extremely abandoned
Pianucca Macheda) approached the media willing to talk a little about the husband of
Caroline of Monaco.

Dalila di Lazzaro, the actress who left Stefano Casiraghi planted (and without jewelry)

The first to do it was
Delilah di Lazzaro, for a long time the most desirable woman in Italy. Married at 15, mother at 19, she left everything, except her son, to become the most famous Italian model and comedic actress of the 89-90s.

We can say that
Delilah di Lazzaro He has had a life that is anything but peaceful. Even she has survived a plane crash that left her in the sea surrounded by sharks and the traumatic death of her only son.

His sentimental life has been as busy as the rest of his existence. Lover for years of the uncrowned king of Italy,
Gianni Agnellamong her other famous love affairs Delilah has described the four days and four nights she spent with
Jack Nicholson in Venice and how loving he was
Richard Gere with her before meeting the Dalai Lama.

But of
Stefano Casiraghi (and with a photo included) never wanted to talk and the relationship was revealed exclusively and on the cover by Hello! On February 4, 1984, the same year in which the first child of Stefano Casiraghi and Carolina de Monaco would be born.

Forced by the leak of an image together from years ago, Dalila gave just a few details about her “flirt” (as the magazine called it) with the husband of
Caroline of Monaco. In the publication from the 80s, it is related how a very young Stefano Casiraghi fell in love with Delilah’s charms, who did not hesitate to stand him up again and again.

In the end Casiraghi got tired of being ignored and
claimed some Thai silver jewelry from the actress that he had “ceded” to him. She returned all of them through her secretary, except for one of hers, a bracelet that she claimed to have given to her butler’s daughter.

Marina Perzy, the actress and presenter who left Stefano Casiraghi to return to her ex

The Italian’s next love affair was much less sparse in details with the press: the actress and presenter
Marina Perzy. As in the case of Delilah, Marina Perzy was older than Stefano, a single mother and the young man “covered her with gifts” or so she declared in the Italian weekly Oggi.

And as in the case of Delilah,
Stefano Casiraghi she was not lucky this time either: although she began an informal relationship with the young man, Marina’s heart and head were occupied by another person, the singer-songwriter
mario lavezzi.

Marina and Stefano met when she was looking for an apartment in Milan. He worked at the real estate agency to which she went to find her new home: “a beautiful ragazzo” five years younger than her. As soon as I met her,
Stefano Casiraghi took the initiative of the courtship. “She was young but with the head of an adult,” the actress explained years later.

Marina Perzy has no buts in her relationship with Casiraghi, whom she defined as a charming, generous man given to surprises. “One Christmas he took me and my son to Fino Mornasco, his family’s house, and gave the boy a remote control toy.”

But the presenter was not in the business of having a solid relationship with Casiraghi no matter how charming he was, she wanted to continue advancing in her career and, above all,
he couldn’t leave his ex behindMario Lavezzi, with whom he had spent years living a relationship full of comings and goings.

«I was not 100% with Stefano. Although common sense told me that I couldn’t let someone like him escape, the reality is that every time I came across
Lavezzi I fell back into his arms.” Paradoxically, an escape to Monte Carlo was the beginning of the end of her relationship with the future husband of Carolina de Monaco.


This is the third generation of royals of the royal family of Monaco

«We lost sight of each other, but that summer a journalist called me and said, «Marina, you who know everyone, do you know tell me who this boy is who goes hand in hand with
Caroline of Monaco?». It was Stefano Casiraghi. I called him and asked him if he was in love, he replied «No comment». Her response and the photos posted by the entire world made it clear to Marina Perzy that he was, and it wasn’t hers.

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