Cristiano Ronaldo approached to Napoli, the source is more than authoritative

There is also Napoli in the race a Cristiano Ronaldo, to write it is The Atletic which deals with sports analysis at all levels. In the published article it is not specified which is the source that speaks of a divorce between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United, but in any case The Atletic is an absolutely authoritative newspaper, which never writes things by hearsay.

The news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s approach to Napoli sparked the reaction of the fans between the dismayed and the ironic. Some have written: “I think it’s easier for him to buy Napoli”, while others can’t even believe what is written in England. In the piece it is emphasized that Chelsea are the most favored and interested club in the player, also because Cristiano Ronaldo earns € 23 million per season despite his 37 years of age. The Portuguese is a living company and is looking for a team that will show him the Champions League showcase, because like any product, having international visibility has its own specific weight. Napoli can give Cristiano Ronaldo the chance to play in the Champions League, but they certainly can’t pay him his salary. What Chelsea or Bayern Munich can do, even if the Bavarian club hardly launches into economic operations of this type. We must not forget that already in 2018 Jorge Mendes had proposed Cristiano Ronaldo to Aurelio De Laurentiis, even in that circumstance it seemed like a hoax, and instead it was discovered that the contact really took place.

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