‘Avatar 2’ misses out on a golden opportunity with Kate Winslet

Avatar: The Water Sense going to bet on expanding the universe of Pandora, the world with which james cameron blew us away in 2009 and with which he earned the title of the highest grossing film of all time. As he has told over the years and we could see in his first trailer, this sequel will take us to the oceans of the space moon, where we will discover new locations, adventures and characters, as was the case with a new role that he will play Kate Winslet.

Winslet’s addition to Avatar It was quite a cinematographic event, since it meant his reunion with James Cameron after titanica in another aquatic adventure. During filming we already saw several images of the actress from Mare of Easttown in a motion capture suit filming in swimming pools, but until now we were completely unaware what role he was going to play or if it would be a human character or a Na’Vithe bluish creatures that make up this science-fiction universe.

Thanks to the new information and images published by Empire we have finally cleared up our doubts, but we have done so with a bittersweet feeling, since the new material leaves us with the impression that Avatar: The Water Sense I would have wasted a luxury opportunity to show Winslet everything she deserves.

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According to the revealed data, the actress will play a Na’Vi warrior called Ronal, which would be pronounced as “Ro-nail”. “She is deeply loyal and a fearless leader”Winslet told Empire about her character, that He compares her to the action heroines of James Cameron’s films such as Sarah Connor, Ripley or Neytiri herself from Avatar. “She is strong. a female warrior Even in the face of grave danger and with an unborn baby on the way, she still stands with her people and fights for what she loves most: her family and her home.”.

Its importance in the plot will be key to the future of the events of the sequel. His tribe, living in a new aquatic setting on Pandora called Metkayina, will not necessarily be open to Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) when they are forced to flee to this area of ​​Pandora, as the conflict tends to to follow the clan of the two protagonists and the friction between the two tribes will not necessarily be ideal. But, although the character is going to be one of the most important in the film, the way he looks in the photos is far from resembling Winslet.

Looking at the new Empire photographs, It is difficult to identify the face or any feature of the actress from titanica between the bluish CGI aspect of the character. Although it is a digitally recreated design, in practice it should not be like that, since, as they already let us see the photos of the shooting, Winslet has shot the scenes herself and her face and expressions should have been kept. There is more to see that the Na’Vi played by Sam Worthington or Zoe Saldana have an identical design to that of their interpreters and are perfectly recognizable among their bluish appearance.

Kate Winslet and her character in 'Avatar: The Sense of Water' (Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images For L'Oréal Paris/20th Century Studios)

Kate Winslet and her character in ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ (Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images For L’Oréal Paris/20th Century Studios)

So little is Winslet’s resemblance to her role that We had already seen images of Ronal during the trailer and we had not even realized that it was his character. Specifically, she could be seen in the foreground in a cabin dressed in various utensils and in a night scene where she, along with the rest of her tribe, can be seen posing pregnant. But it was almost impossible to identify her. And it seems like a missed opportunity.

First, because among the names of the cast of Avatar: The Water Sense he was by far the biggest star we were going to find in the sequel. Although there is a desire to see fallen actors like Sam Worthington on screen again or enjoy the charisma of performers like Zoe Saldana, there is no doubt that someone with as much recognition as Winslet thanks to works like The Reader, Revolutionary Road either Mare of Easttownamong many others, anticipated that seeing her on screen in Avatar 2 would be an opportunity to enjoy the fullness of her talents in a universe as fascinating as Pandora’s.

In addition, we talk about his reunion with James Cameron 25 years after titanica, which is possibly the most iconic title of his career. And seeing the filmmaker once again bring out the best in the actress was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans of the 1997 Oscar-winning classic. we will have to settle for listening to his voice and trying to identify something of his face among the accumulation of CGI to which they have not managed to give his appearance. And it’s a shame, although who knows if with the premiere of Avatar: The sense of water on December 16 we get another impression and Winslet’s physique is finally more present than we think. Although, for now, the images do not incite to think about it.

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