A new bug in Fortnite Season 3 makes it possible for you to fly in a crazy way

I haven’t come here to tell you about a bug in a long time. Fortnite And I think that speaks pretty well, to say the least. of the good state of health in which the game is found. Something that is also complemented at the content level: the recently released Season 3 of the battle royale does not stop receive new things and promises to give a lot to talk about in the coming months.

But don’t let me go off the rails here, because I haven’t come to talk to you about news about Fortnitebut from a glitch that has been picked up by the battle royale community and that, essentially, it will cause us to fly crazy through the sky of the game island. Next, I leave you with all the details:

  • Apparently, this bug Fortnite has to do withon how battle bus physics work
  • When he gets attacked by a shark, we can fly away with him
  • If the shark stays hooked to the bus, we can fly through the air infinitely
  • Next, I leave you with a video shared by the user ShadowOpsFN on Reddit so you can see how it works exactly:

What do you think of this Fortnite glitch? It really doesn’t make much sense utility-wise, because I guess you can’t control exactly where you’re going with the Battle Bus, but at the very least it’s flashy enough to spend a few minutes of your life on. I wouldn’t be surprised, on the other hand, if Epic Games fix it in the game’s next patch, which will arrive next week.

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