Winona Ryder revealed how much she suffered from her breakup with Johnny Depp

Winona Ryder returned to the screens thanks to her participation in the successful series stranger things and for the long media trial between Johny Depp and Amber Heard, where she was called to testify in order to clarify whether the actor had shown signs of violence during their relationship.

According to an interview conducted by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the actress revealed this part of her life, of which she said “I have never talked about this.”

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp met in 1989, in the movie Big ball of fireAfter two months they started dating and after five months they got engaged, in an intense relationship that lasted four years.

They even starred in the movie together Scissorhands which catapulted them both to fame in Hollywood.

In the interview, Winona reveals that the breakup was very strong for her and she felt like the woman she played. The Age of Innocencewho enters a psychiatric center, since she recognized that although she suffered, she punished herself, but it was her companions who encouraged her to continue, because they made her understand that everything was temporary.

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Johnny Depp was never aggressive: Winona Ryder

One of the reasons why Amber Heard was furious with Johnny Depp was that he still had the tattoo that said “Winona forever”, for this reason the actress of stranger things was called to testify, which assured that in the four years of their relationship, Depp was always loving and made her feel protected, since she assured that she did not remember a single violent act of the actor with someone else.

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