What is the name of the most disturbing movie on Netflix?


Some movies demand a lot of stomach to support them. In the red N catalog there is an unmissable title for horror lovers.

Looking for something to watch on Netflix?
© GettyLooking for something to watch on Netflix?

The good cinema It is the one that causes sensations and leaves you thinking about what you saw for hours, for days. In this sense, there are different types of history that have come from both Hollywood as well as from different countries with large film industries, which transcended due to the emotions generated in the spectators. But there are also stories that stay forever in people’s minds because of how disturbing they are.

One of the great exponents of this type of cinema is Ari Asterthe filmmaker who became known worldwide thanks to the work he presented at hereditary (translated in some markets as the devil’s legacy). Thanks to this production starring Tony Collettethis director was among the greatest references of terror and left everyone waiting to see what his next step would be.

It was like that when it came midsummera film that you can currently see in the catalog of Netflix but, we warn you, you will have to be willing to see some somewhat uncomfortable scenes. The film released in 2019 lasts almost three hours and focuses on a group of friends who decide to travel to Sweden to celebrate the summer solstice. There, they will end up suffering the strange popular customs of the town they visit.

The best of midsummer goes through those mentioned disturbing emotions that it generates, practically without resorting to night sequences. The story takes place almost entirely during the day and this generates a plus to that terror generated by the film of Ari Aster. Not to mention once the visitors are completely at the mercy of the locals and their peculiar customs, where we will see them descend little by little towards madness.

+Ari Aster’s next movie

Still without a confirmed release date, the next film by Ari Aster It would only arrive next year and it will be with a luxury cast. Joaquin Phoenix and Meryl Streep will be the main figures of Disappointment Blvd.which will also feature the roles of artists such as Michael Gandolfini, Amy Ryan and Nathan Lane. Little is known about the story that would be centered on the life of a successful entrepreneur and that would be framed within a mixture of genres such as comedy and terror to which he is already accustomed.

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