what could happen to several of Amber Heard’s assets if she does not pay off the debt with the actor

A jury in the United States concluded on Wednesday, June 1, that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard smeared each other, but he leaned in favor of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean following an intense libel trial that included controversial allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence.

After the six-week legal process that took place in a court in Fairfax, Virginia, near the US capital, the jury awarded Depp more than US$10 million in damages, and US$2 million for Heard, who had filed a counterclaim.

As the days go by, the friction between Depp and Heard continues. At the time of her, the legal team of the actress made it clear that she does not have the amount of money to pay her ex-husband.

It was recently revealed that Heard decided to file an alternative to appeal her sentence. However, she could see his assets seized if he does not pay the corresponding amount for damages to his ex-husband.

Due to Heard’s economic problems, he could lose his assets because, if he does not pay what is established by the court, his properties could be seized and become the property of Depp.

According to international media such as the new york post, Heard would be forced to sell assets to obtain liquidity and make the payment to her ex-husband. Otherwise, Johnny Depp could start the collection procedure.

According to attorney Jeremiah Denton, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean not only would she be able to receive the money, but it would leave Heard propertyless.

“You can seize your assets, which basically means seize them. Johnny can access his assets, sell them and take cash,” Denton stated.

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