Tom Cruise enters the 1 billion club

Tom Cruise’s most recent commercial success, it became the highest-grossing film of his career. Top Gun: Maverick not only resurrected the franchise that Toni Scott started years ago, it has also become a cultural icon like its older sister, to once again give relevance to films that have to do with some component of the Armed Forces, especially to the world of military aviation. Top Gun is the 50th production to access the select club that have entered at least 1,000 million collections.

WORLDWIDE then points out what these audiovisual jewels are, which became authentic commercial veins beyond Avatar, titanicathe movies of starwars and those of the universe of Marvel.

#3: Fast & Furious 7: During the year 2015 Dominic Toretto along with his group of friends and family sneak into this ranking, because the world loves to see incredible maneuvers with cars traveling at high speeds, defying even the laws of physics and that the protagonists come out of these fast-paced scenes unscathed. The figure in millions of dollars was as follows: 1,515,341,399.

#2: The Lion King: This is a very particular case, because it turns out that Disney achieved what no one had been able to, two versions of the same movie got into this exclusive billionaires club. The version live action directed by Jon Favreautakes honors after raising 1,662,899,439the 1994 version that was in charge of Rob Minkoffand which won the 1995 Oscar Award for Best Animated Film, achieved 1,063,611,805.

#1: Jurassic World: More than twenty years after the first film, in 2015 Colin Trevorrow take the witness of steven spielberg, to give continuity to the universe of dinosaurs, which make their way around the world in the twenty-first century. Unlike its predecessor, this production was not even nominated for an Academy Award. With a budget of 150,000,000, the film achieved 1,670,516,444. @worldwide

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