The tape of “BRZRKR”, with Keanu Reeves, shows a page of the script

As the days, weeks, months, years and decades go by, actor Keanu Reeves keeps getting as good as wine. That is one of the reasons, along with his talent, for us to see his new project, the film adaptation of the comic «BRZRKR», which you did not know, is his own authorship.

To finalize this movie, the “Matrix” actor has the contribution of the screenwriter, director and producer Mattson Tomlin, who shared an image of the script through his official Twitter account, reported the CBR portal.

The tweet is just a teaser, but it hints that the movie will feature some kind of confrontation between B, also known as Berzerker (the main character), and a group of soldiers.

In this way, Tomlin also shared an image of Volume 1 and Number 5 of the homonymous comic series. “Deranged and disturbed for allowing me to write this movie,” tweeted the director, whose version of the work will be installed in the Netflix catalog once it is completed.

High expectations

As mentioned above, Keanu Reeves created the concept of the comic and lent his image to the protagonist, therefore, it is not surprising that he gives life to the creature that he himself molded.

Previously, the actor «John Wick» revealed that he was excited to unleash this film adaptation.

“We are working with Netflix, which has been very good. They will allow us to do an R rated story which is great. My ambition or hope is not to make a filmed version of the comic so that they have things in common, definitely the main character and his rule set, but that we can take it to other places as well. We’re working on trying to set up a company with the animation, and we’ve hired a writer for the film, Mattson Tomlin. He has been great and is just starting to put things together. That’s where we are,” Reeves commented at the time.

What is it about?

Written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by Ron Garney, and distributed by Boom! Studios, “BRZRKR” is an epic saga about an immortal warrior named B who works for the United States government after wandering the earth for centuries. His purpose is basically to do other people’s dirty work, as he often undertakes missions too violent and dangerous for anyone else.

Since everything in life has a price, B will be granted the one thing he truly wants: the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence and how to end it. The comics are structured in 12 numbers and the last one was released in stores on June 29.

The film adaptation of the project was confirmed in March 2021, but it is not the only format that Keanu Reeves fans can enjoy, since in addition to live-action an anime spin-off series is also being developed that will explore other facets of this universe. . Also, it is worth noting that a release date for the film or anime has not yet been given, so the next announcements will have to be tested.

A bit of the director

As mentioned above, Keanu Reeves has this time with the contribution of Mattson Tomlin, who joined the project in October 2021.

Tomlin is best known for writing the popular Netflix action thriller “Project Power” and for contributing to the script for 2022’s “The Batman.”

On the other hand, he made his directorial debut in 2021 with Hulu’s “Mother/Android”, starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith and Raúl Castillo, where he also wrote the screenplay for the film.

Currently, he is working on the scripts for a “Terminator” anime series and a live-action “Mega Man” movie.

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