Taylor Swift accepted Joe Alwyn’s marriage proposal

The one in Mexico, paparazzi just a few weeks ago, was the honeymoon dress rehearsal. Because Taylor Swift she said yes to her fiancé’s marriage proposal Joe Alwyn. To report the news is the British tabloid The Sun. Who gets his hands on: the two boys have no intention of confirming or denying the news.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is ready for the big step. According to the English press, the singer has accepted the marriage proposal of her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, the foure to whom she has been linked for 5 years now. Here are the details. Photo Ansa

The marriage proposal was a few months ago

It is true that it is not the first time that the couple is given on the threshold of the altar. But this time the confirmations come from various quarters. “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love,” says a source, who the newspaper describes as “very close” to the English actor. “They’ve actually been engaged for a few months, but they’ve only told their inner circle: basically close relatives and long-time, trusted friends. All of them have sworn to keep the secret ».

Taylor Swift keeps her ring a secret

Taylor Swift, moreover, would be very careful not to wear the ring that Joe Alwyn gave her when she goes out and knows that she can be followed by the paparazzi. “Taylor has a beautiful ring, but she only wears it when she’s home. Only a handful of people know the details of the wedding and Taylor hasn’t even told any of her team members about her engagement. “

“They want their love to stay as far out of the spotlight as possible. This report is just for them. And if and when wedding vows are exchanged, they surely won’t be there Rolling Stone or Hello! to photograph every little detail. It will be simple and elegant. How are they ».

5 years of love with Joe Alwyn

Taylor and Joe have been a steady couple for 5 years now. A love always lived far from public life. A choice that the award-winning singer explained – more or less – in Miss Americana. Scalded by failed relationships with Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston And Calvin Harris, all of them much photographed, this time he preferred not to feed it to the press. And it seems like a good choice.


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