Messi leaves football? The Argentine’s decision upsets: the new job

Lionel Messi could soon leave football and start a new job: the decision of the Pulea upsets millions of fans.

The first season at PSG it was below expectations for Lionel Messi, the subject of strong criticism from the press and from the fans themselves. La Pulce, after the shocking farewell to Barcelona, he was called to make a difference and instead failed his task. A great disappointment that could even lead him to leave football as the last decision suggests.

Lionel Messi, PSG Argentinian striker (LaPresse)

Last year, despite the many contrary opinions, Messi confirmed himself as the strongest footballer in the world by winning yet another Golden Ball. A success that came amid much controversy which, however, once again demonstrates its greatness in this sport.

On the other hand, there is the time factor that passes inexorably for everyone and approaches his retirement considering the identity card is no longer very young. A few weeks ago, the Pulce turned 34 and is heading towards the final part of her career. However, the epilogue could come sooner than expected, upsetting millions of fans.

Messi surprises everyone: the move that brings retirement closer

Lionel Messi, the incredible decision displaces the fans (LaPresse)

After years of absolute domination Messi it still shines on the world stage but the light begins to be dimmed by the new stars. It is absolutely normal that sooner or later the two phenomena of modern football completely leave the legacy to their successors.

This handover seems to be getting closer and obviously alarms the fans of the Argentine phenomenon, surprised by his curious choice. Specifically, the attacker of the PSG will debut as an actor in view of a possible new life on the small screen.

An unexpected decision announced by the social account of Star +issuer owned by the Disney which will broadcast the Argentine series starring the Flea. The latter will play a part in “Los Protectores” in an episode set in Paris which covers the events of three prosecutors.

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