Machine Gun Kelly smashes a glass in the face during a performance but she is not the only celeb to leave the audience stunned

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In short, while the fans (live and on the web) were worried about MGK’s safety, probably for him and Megan what happened was like a normal Sunday morning in company, maybe they even thought: “Of course what a waste of blood, damn it. ! “

He is not the only one, however, to have left the fans astonished or worried. Here are 5 other celebs who have had unusual behavior on stage:


Miley Cyrus to get rid of the image of the “Disney girl”, during the Bangerz Tour of 2014 she shows herself for the first time with a short and drastic cut, skimpy clothes, riding a Hot Dog, throwing money, twerking and generally proposing super hot performances.

One of the things considered most controversial, however, was certainly the practice of oral sex on an inflatable doll.

Speaking of Disney, imagine that you had Raven’s powers while watching Hannah Montana and suddenly you see a scene from the future taken from the Bangerz Tour, probably it would have marked you for life. But oh … you grow up and you have to get over it. Who knows what happened to the lucky doll, if it were exhibited in a museum in my opinion it would make sparks.

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