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George Clooney come back to the screens seventh Art with the tape ‘Ticket to Paradise’, (Journey to Paradise)a romantic comedy in which they play a divorced couple who will have to join forces and travel together to Bali to avoid at all costs that their daughter Lily, played by Kaitlyn Dever, make the same mistake they did: get married on impulse.

Universal Pictures shared the first trailer for the film that brings them back together 20 years after the ‘Big fraud: Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001). In the film, which will be released before the end of the year, Clooney and Roberts’ characters married on impulse when they were very young. One of the most beloved duos by the public will again star in a movie as a couple, since the last film where they shared a set was in 2016 with ‘MoneyMonster’ (Master of money).
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In the preview of the long-awaited film, you can see a good dynamic between the actors and a script that promises to put the comedy fans to laughbecause it has a bit of black and sarcastic humor about the divorced couples that do not end very well:

“Excuse me, please, I would like to change seats… We were married”indicates the character of Julia to a flight attendant, who will take them to Bali, where her daughter is.

“The worst 19 years of my life”says Clooney’s character in the film’s trailer as he sees Roberts’ character about to sit next to him on a flight.

“We were only married five”answers the character of Roberts, sarcastically.

“I’m counting the recovery time”says the actor.

The film was recorded in QLD, Australiaand the script was in charge of Parker Y Daniel Pipsky. The premiere of the film will be on October 21 in all theaters in the United States. The dates of presentations for the rest of the world have not yet been confirmed.

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