Fortnite yesterday had one of the bugs that have broken the game the most in its entire history; what exactly happened?

Don’t ask me why, but yesterday I came across a video on Twitter that made me completely crazy because of how strange it was to see it. I’m talking specifically about a clip uploaded by the user known as newrobertin on Twitter and what showed how Fortnite was for a few hours yesterday much more broken than ever. I leave you below with all the details so you can see what I mean exactly:

  • The aforementioned bug Fortnite activated friendly fire for a while and we could do damage to allies
  • The enemies appeared on the map when we spectated them
  • These, in addition, appeared as if they were our own allies
  • I leave you with the clip below so you can take a look at it with your own eyes:

What do you think of this madness? The truth is that those responsible for Fortnite They did not take long to release an express patch for the game with the aim of fixing this glitch that has broken the battle royale so much. No wonder, on the other hand, because leaving this type of bug active would have been absolute madness.

I haven’t seen something like this in a long time. Fortnite and look what happened all kinds of bizarre within the battle royale. Be that as it may, I thought this might be of interest because of how strange it turned out, so in the future I will be aware of more things like this to be able to tell you about them in case they happen.

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