Fortnite: where to find and take down Logging Pines, Season 3 challenge

Cut down a total of five timber pines with a saw launcher is one of the season quests from the third episode of Fortnite. To achieve this challenge, you will have to go to the frozen forests of the island, where giant trees grow, whose trunks break and roll.

In effect, the pine trees are actually these new Season 3 trees, which introduce the mechanic of falling decorations. However, a few shots will suffice once you locate the area.

Where to find timber pines?

fortnite : battle royale

You will find a vast pine forest to the North Cascades of reality. These large conifers are also visible from the map, because they appear in dark green and not light green.

fortnite : battle royale

These giant trees, therefore, have the peculiarity of breaking during felling, leaving only a stump behind them. Once fallen, the log can continue down the slopes. As it falls, it can even drag down other large trees, which will then fall like dominoes.

If possible, make sure to quickly pick up a weapon before heading to this forest, as it will be hotly contested for the week following the challenge’s release.

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