Chris Pratt talks about his role as a soldier with post-traumatic syndrome | cinema

Chris Pratt, the star of Jurassic World, is now a soldier with post-traumatic syndrome in the series premiere ‘The Terminal List’.

Noticias Caracol: This series is based on a successful book. You read it and decided to do this series; why did it catch your attention?

Chris Pratt: “I loved the character. I liked the authenticity of the voice of author Jack Carr, who is a former Marine. I liked his insight and his personal experience, his emotions all sprinkled into this fictional world he created, whispers of the truth of his life and experience abroad, the psyche of this man who embodies everything I loved. about the Navy community. I love the fact that it was recorded in California, which is where I live, so I didn’t have to travel too far.”

Noticias Caracol: This series has many elements. At times I felt the suspense of Hitchcock, at times I remembered Nolan’s ‘Memento’, but they also have a lot of action scenes and you are a producer. You must be very proud of this series.

CP: “I am very proud, yes. Those were good bases for us, those movies that you mention, ‘Memento’ is a movie, Hitchcock as a director, yes. The suspense, the psychological aspects, the analysis of enough information to keep you guessing, I’m very proud of it. Obviously I can’t take all the credit, we did have an amazing team and we all worked together to build this, so yeah, I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it.”

‘The Terminal List’ is directed by Antoine Fuqua, the same as ‘Training Day’, ‘Tears of the Sun’ and ‘The Justice’.

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