Chiesa, the rebirth and legacy of Cristiano Ronaldo: will it live up to it?

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It is news today that Juventus will have a new number 7 and it won’t be Dusan Vlahovicbut not even a resounding return of Cristiano Ronaldo in the shadow of the Mole, but a certain Federico Church. The black and white jewel that dragged Italy to the victory ofEuropean in England last summer he is currently pitted for the injury to the cruciate ligament and will also miss the start of the season but the choice of the jersey number immediately clarifies intentions of the son of art from the moment of his return: take the Old Lady on your shoulders and carry her as high as possible.

THE DRIVER – L’inheritance who chose the attacker born in 1997 is important, the number of Cristiano Ronaldo raises expectations on Chiesa that will surely not disappoint. Arrived in Turin amid the doubts of the fans who feared he could be a “Bernardeschi Bis” Federico in silence has been able to make more and more space in the ranks of Madama and also in the hearts of his fans, who are now confident in the number that has been entrusted to him and indeed, are sure that he will be able to honor him. Will it be up to it? There is no doubt, Juventus must restart from Federico Chiesa and Federico Chiesa will have to restart from Juventus as soon as he is recovered.

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