Authorities emphasize the epidemiological surveillance system, after the first case of Monkeypox

The confirmed patient in Puerto Rico is stable.

Dra- Melissa Marzán, State Epidemiologist. Photo: Xavier J. Araújo Berríos.

The Dr. Melissa Marzan, epidemiologist Y Principal Epidemiology Officer of the Department of Healthreported that the positive patient complies with his isolation from home and is stable.

“From the moment we received the notification, the person met the clinical criteria such as fever, skin lesions and once the doctor made the identification, epidemiological criteria were found, since the person traveled to an area of ​​the United States where they were confirmed. cases”, explained the specialist.

Dr. Marzán explained that monkeypox is not spread through the air like COVID-19, but is directly transmitted, “understand why a person had contact, whether it was skin-to-skin or even the person when talk and those goths, because we know that they are exposure routes to transmit to anyone, because it is a close contact.

He also reported that there is also a contact tracing of the infected patient in Puerto Rico. “They have to pass a 21-day monitoring, and if one of these contacts shows symptoms, they would immediately go into isolation and it would be another case.”

The official added that the epidemiological criteria are clear, and among these are the use of dating applications, for which she emphasized that “it is important that people who present the associated symptoms consult their health service provider immediately” .

This first case was identified through the surveillance system for notifiable diseases, which coordinated the sampling.

Health established an Epidemiological Surveillance Guide for Monkeypox in early June, which includes information for diagnosis and case management for health providers and institutions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on the 25th that for the moment the monkeypox outbreak should not be considered an international health emergency, as is the case with covid-19.

The total number of cases now rises to 3,413 confirmed in the laboratory in fifty countries, most of them European, according to the latest data from the WHO.

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