3 cars where Denzel Washington surprised his fans

Denzel Washington, an actor with a long career who excites his fans in each film, also surprises as the protagonist of intense stories accompanied by the best behind the wheel in three cars that surprised his fans. Discover all the models below…

Denzel Washington became a reference for the world of cinema, standing out in various action and suspense films, participating in “Man on Fire”, “Glory Times”, “American Gangster”, “Training Day”, “The Equaliser” among many others that earned him several awards from the film industry.

There is no doubt that in each role, he knew how to interpret the essence of his different characters, capturing the public with his experience and the ease with which he brings them to life in such an original way, making him the favorite actor for films that promise to conquer everyone.

On the other hand, from a personal point of view, it is known that the winner of two Academy Awards He loves elegant and classic cars, which is why it is no coincidence that his two passions are frequently mixed from the cinema, traveling in fiction aboard extraordinary vehicles that fans would love from historical beauties usually used for impact scripts.

Below, we present a small part of the most successful films in Denzel Washington’s repertoire with the three vehicles that were the center of attention as protagonists that marked unforgettable scenes in Hollywood for movie lovers.

1) Training Day / 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1979

For the movie “Training Day” or “Training Day”figure the great Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1979an extraordinary classic gem of excellent power and tailored to cinematographic history that took him to glory for the second time in his career with the Oscar for best actor.

This luxurious model with an imposing image offers a V6 engine, gasoline fuel, three-speed transmission, spacious cloth seats, two-door design and such an ostentatious size that at that time its acquisition was an unmissable collection.

In different parts of the film, this vehicle accompanied Sergeant Alonzo Harrisinterpreted by Denzel Washingtonand without a doubt it fell just right for the profile that it gave life to, becoming the center of attention on wheels with an ideal presence like any luxury classic at full speed.

2) Man on Fire / Mercedes Benz 500 Sel from the year 93

Mercedes Benz 500 Sel from the year 93

An interesting opportunity that generated emotion in all the fans, was when Denzel Washington and Marc Anthony met for the first time in the film production of “Man on fire” in English “Man on Fire”interpreting incredible characters that transcended historically in Hollywood.

Among the most intense scenes in the film is the shocking relic of Mercedes Benz 500 Sel from the year 93protagonist of their meeting in a story full of drama, suspense and action where the vehicle transported the famous and the sweet girl Dakota Fanningmarking the suspense every minute.

This sophisticated transport has incredible features, delivering top speed of 250km/h, V8 engine with 320CV power, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 7.3 seconds, ideal facade in neutral color, comfortable spaces, easy maneuvering and driving to travel from simple way becoming the central point of the meeting between the stars.

3) American Gangster / 1974 Lincoln Continental

1974 Lincoln Continental

In the movie of “American Gangsta”where the actor gave life to Frank Lucasmethodical and perfectionist who could not travel in a better transport than the imposing 1974 Lincoln Continentaladding that touch that was missing for a setting worthy of the great center of history.

This luxurious vehicle, one of the most striking of the time, is a 4-door sedan/saloon with a 7.5-liter naturally aspirated 8-cylinder engine, a three-speed automatic transmission that offers a maximum range of 200 km/h with the ideal and comfortable space for a story of impressive moments.

+ Video of the movie Training Day in the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1979:

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