what is known about the new trial that the actress could face after losing the millionaire lawsuit against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard alerted the entertainment world after starring in one of the most mediatic legal battles in Hollywood history.

After the verdict of this lawsuit for defamation, which favored the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean, Amber Heard could be involved in another legal problem unrelated to her dispute with her ex-husband.

On this occasion, The 36-year-old actress is being investigated by Australian authorities for a case of perjury that occurred in 2015.

During a trip to Australia, Amber Heard entered the country with her two dogs, Pistol and Boo, without having completed any customs procedures.

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This situation occurred because Australia has a strict quarantine policy for animals, which establishes that before allowing free entry they must spend at least 10 days under observation.

As a result of this, Amber Heard was accused by the Australian authorities of illegal importation of animals and forgery of documents.

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the actress of Aquamanbefore these accusations, sand pleaded guilty to charges related to the entry of his two pets to Australia and, after his confession, the case was closed.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard could face a new trial for the crimes of illegal importation of animals and forgery of documents. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

However, even though the case was apparently closed, A spokesman for the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment indicated that this institution is collecting information and witness statements for the resumption of the complaint against Amber Heard.

“Ms Heard’s claims of perjury during court proceedings in 2015 for the illegal importation of her two dogs into Australia are being investigated,” it said.

The illegal importation of her two pets happened when Amber Heard was still married to Johnny Deppa situation that indirectly involved the actor in this case.

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Due to the controversy generated by this complaint, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made a video apologizing for the incident and regretted breaking Australia’s rules by bringing in their two dogs.

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