Tom Brady advises Cameron Diaz on how to come out of retirement…and it works

Cameron Diaz was four years in retirement as an actress, and were the actor Jamie Foxx and the top winner of the Super Bowl Tom Bradywho gave the last push to the actress to return to the big screen.

Jamie Foxx balcony to Cameron Diaz

was the actor Jamie Foxx who made public the call he had with Cameron Diazbut was also Tom Brady to give advice to the woman who starred Charlie’s Angels. And it is that Foxx joined the quarterback in giving him advice on how to come out of retirement gracefully.

“I’m nervous but I don’t know how to do this. You know?” Daz In the call. For its part, the platform Netflix he simply posted a tweet stating that the actress is “officially de-retiring”.

Despite the commotion mounted, Netflix keeps secret the details of the plot of the film, about which it is only known that it will be called “Back in Action” in a clear guide to the return of the actress to the screens.

Filming will begin at the end of this year and have Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses”) in the direction and Brendan O’Brien (“Neighbors”) in charge of the script. daz and foxx they already worked together on “Any Given Sunday” (1999) and “annie” (2014), which was his last role in a feature film.

The 49-year-old actress announced her retirement in 2018, after participating in countless blockbuster movies such as “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Shrek”.

His role in “The Mask” (1994), the iconic comedy starring Jim Carreycatapult to Daz to the first line of Hollywood and made her one of the most bankable stars on the big screen.

The call between Foxx, Diaz and Brady

“I was talking to Jamie and told me you needed some advice on how to cancel your retirement,” he tells Brady to Daz In the call. “I’m relatively successful at not retiring.”

“Honestly, exactly what I needed,” Daz replies. The audio clip ends with Foxx jumping out of line to let daz and brady “talk”.

CameronI hope you’re not mad that I recorded this but there’s no going back now,” Foxx wrote in his Wednesday post. “I had to call the GOAT to bring another GOAT. @CameronDiaz and I are BACK IN ACTION: our new movie with @NetflixFilm. Production will start at the end of this year!!”

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