TMW – Rosella Sensi: “Cristiano Ronaldo? Chapeau, but in Rome the team counts more than the single”


On the sidelines of the event in Rimini for the presentation of the summer transfer market session, Rosella Sensi spoke of Rome: “An advice to Rome for Zaniolo? I am very close to the club but I take the liberty of not giving advice. In my time I have received many, too many, some even wrong ones and I believe that to make decisions you have to be president at 360 °. Zaniolo is an excellent player, I believe that the president will make the best choice for Roma. ”

Any advice to Zaniolo?
“Understanding that he is not playing for any team but for Roma”.

Do you still imagine Totti in the management?
“They are choices of the president and Francesco. I respect them. At the time I decided to let Francesco and his career as a manager continue, but they are choices that belong to whoever is now”.

Dybala to Roma?
“I follow the transfer market, but I don’t know. We have to see what the player expects to come to play for Roma. I see you as if I were a president, I always see myself on the other side of the negotiation and I wonder if Dybala wants to come to Roma. . There is a sports director and he will decide. ”

Mourinho brought back a trophy. Now what is being asked of him?
“Nothing, you have to let it work. When you create too many expectations you don’t reach the objectives, you need peace of mind and with a good job you can reach the objectives”.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo go to Roma?
“Yesterday everyone was sure that there was his presentation, but there was not. The owner surprised us with Mourinho, whether he comes or not we expect him to build a good team to make a good championship. the group that makes the difference, even if Ronaldo … chapeau “.

What idea did you have of Pellegrini?
“Seeing him raise the Conference trophy was a wonderful emotion. He is a Roman who raises the cup, it is a double joy. Young people can grow up, wear the Roma shirt and become captain. It is a good business card for our young people. “.

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