“The Devil wears fashion” arrives 16 years after its premiere

Have you ever felt frustrated by the demands of your boss? Well, be sure that this man is a saint next to the actress Meryl Streep, whose character of Miranda Priestly became the nightmare of every worker in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” ).

The tape was released in the United States on a day like today, June 30, but in 2006, while on the Venezuelan billboard it was installed on October 27 of that same year.

The project was directed by David Frankel (“Marley & Me”), while the production was carried out by Wendy Finerman (“Forrest Gump”) and the script by Aline Brosh McKenna (“Cruella”), who was based in the homonymous work of the American writer Lauren Weisberger.

In addition to Meryl Streep, the cast starred Anne Hathaway (as Andy Sachs), Emily Blunt (as Emily Charlton), Stanley Tucci (as Nigel), Simon Baker (as Christian Thompson), Adrian Grenier (as Nate Cooper), among other talents of great caliber.


“The Devil Wears Fashion” grossed more than $326 million at the box office, surpassing its initial budget of $35 million.

On the other hand, the film was nominated for several film awards, including the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

Regarding the Oscar Awards, the comedy was considered for the Best Actress (for Meryl Streep) and Best Costume, but did not take home the coveted statuette after losing to Helen Mirren (actress), for her participation in “The Queen”, and “Marie Antoinette” (wardrobe).

The fate of fiction changed at the Golden Globes, as Streep managed to position herself as the Best Actress of the 2007 gala.

The critics

“The Devil Wears Fashion” had a variety of reviews, although most of them were positive, especially when it comes to exposing labor overexploitation in a fresh and fun way.

«The least important thing, as was the case with classic American cinema, is how the story ends. What matters is what we have been seeing, the gradual change. Hence its effectiveness. Meryl Streep is simply Oscar»; «Entertaining and well-dressed cinema. We are facing one of those rare copies of a widely seen and at the same time unique film»; «»This intelligent and funny work is not made just for the satisfaction of the generation of ‘Sex and the City’; it is the ‘Wall Street’ of the 21st century”; “Sinfully funny, deliciously brilliant adaptation of Weisberger’s best seller (…)”, were some of the considerations of specialists from different media such as El País, ABC, Empire and Rolling Stone.

We’re not ready for this conversation

“The Devil wears fashion” has several curiosities to his credit. In fact, one of the most obvious are the memes that they made about some of the most iconic scenes in the footage, including when Miranda looks down on Andy’s shoes.

When it comes to sparking debate among netizens, there is a post often seen on Facebook or WhatSapp groups that argues that Miranda was not the real villain of the movie, but rather Andy’s boyfriend and friends, but , of course, “many are ready for this conversation.”

In hindsight, it is worth noting that her so-called relatives mocked the protagonist as she drowned in the stress of the early days, instead of being a source of unconditional support. Ironically, she was Miranda’s right-hand man, Nigel, who despite her sternness and outspokenness grounded her in reality and helped her adjust to company standards.

Once Andy took on the challenges with her head held high and earned her boss’s respect, her friends and ex-partner began to brand her as someone “pretentious” who no longer has time for her loved ones, especially when she won the trip to Paris.

Even at the end of the film, she seems to feel guilty for having achieved success and a good reputation. With friends like that, what do we want Miranda for?

More curiosities

As mentioned above, “The Devil Wears Fashion” is based on the work of Lauren Weisberger, so changes were inevitable once the pages made their leap to the big screen.

In principle, Nigel does not have such an important role in the book, and the relationship between Andy and Emily is different. In the movie, Emily sees her as a nuisance and later on as her competition, while in the original play they do act as true companions who support each other, regardless of the occasional friction that may exist from time to time, in addition, that Emily it’s not so cute.

In case you didn’t know, Lauren Weisberger was inspired by her own personal experiences to tell her story, since she came to work for Vogue magazine and was bossed by Anna Wintour, who also used to be inflexible and demanding with her workers. Despite everything, Wintour saw the film and enjoyed it.

“Anything that makes fashion entertaining, glamorous and interesting is wonderful for our industry (…) If Meryl Streep seems strong in the movie, I respect that,” he told EFE at the time.

On the other hand, Anne Hathaway was not one of the favorite actresses to be Andy; in fact, she was the ninth option, but she with perseverance and will achieved his mission. Meanwhile, Emily Blunt improvised the rush of her character to highlight the pressure she was under, reported Cinemanía.

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