The condition that Christian Bale set to be Batman again

no one doubts that Matt Reeves and that ‘The Batman’, with Robert Pattinson at the helm, has caused a sensation among the fandom, as it managed to become the highest grossing film in the first quarter of this 2022 and a second part is already assured. However, nobody forgets that if there was a filmmaker who completely renewed the superhero, it was Christopher Nolan with his trilogy of the Knight of the Night. Christian baleits protagonist, is open to putting on the suit again, although with only one condition.

After embodying the Batman that marked an entire generation, and after a decade since the premiere of ‘Batman Begins’, the current public sees how its protagonist has ‘changed sides’, becoming Gorr, the Butcher of Gods and main villain from Marvel’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. The British actor does not close the door to being the Gotham Vigilante again. Yes indeed, I would only do it if it’s with Christopher Nolan at the helm.

He had a deal with Chris Nolan,” Bale told ScreenRant. “We said, ‘Hey, look, we’re going to do three movies, if we’re lucky enough to get them done. And then we quit. We don’t take too long. But in my opinion, [eso solo podrĂ­a suceder] if Nolan said to himself, ‘You know what, I have another story to tell.’ And if I wanted him to be on that project, he would be on it,” he continued.


That yes, that nobody gets too excited, because Bale himself commented that there was never any talk of a possible fourth installment with the director of ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Tenet’ at the helm.

Nobody has ever mentioned it to me, they haven’t told me about it either,” Bale said of reprising the role of Bruce Wayne. that no one had told me anything and that I am finding out at that moment, “he explained.

Although he has become one of the most applauded villains by fans, given the first receptions about the film directed by Taika Waititi, Bale has confessed that I didn’t even know I was entering the MCU.

It didn’t even cross my mind. She read it and he told her: Look at this! She has entered the MCU! I was wondering what he had done, they had to explain it to me,” she said.

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