Smart multicontact with plugs and USB ports is on sale at Amazon Mexico for 386 pesos: additional discount buying two

The smart devices They are responsible for making our lives more comfortable, and a large part already has support for assistants such as Google or Alexa. Today we have a very good option for the home.

It’s about a multicontact which has several plugs and USB ports to be able to charge our devices. Normally it has a price that touches the 500 pesos in amazon mexicobut right now it is available for 386 pesos.

smart multicontact

smart multicontact

In addition to this and as we discussed with the Skullcandy Dime, this product participates in the promotion of imported products where by buying two units we get a 13% discount, making an order of two of this item give us a total of 672 pesosthat is, 336 pesos for each one.

The multicontact has free shipping for all users and those with an Amazon Prime subscription can enjoy delivery between six and nine days from the time the package is shipped.

On the front we have six sockets, of which three provide continuous power while the other the rest of the plugs and the three USB ports at the bottom are smartwhich we can control through an application or by voice with assistants.}

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Smart multicontact offer on Amazon Mexico

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