Santino Marella disagrees with the naming policy in WWE

Anthony Carelli, better known as Santino Marella, disagrees with the naming policy in WWE.

Historically wrestling is one of those sports that create a lineage. Often times, in fact, the children of great fighters of the past decide to pursue the path of their parents and become a wrestler themselves. This is the case of Arianna Grace, the wrestler who plays on the WWE NXT roster. The 25-year-old star of the WWE satellite show, she is in fact the daughter of former wrestler Santino Marella.

The policy according to which the WWE would not allow the “traceability” of wrestlers with their parents does not seem to find Santino’s favor in full. The WWE in fact over the years has precluded the possibility for several wrestlers to use the family name. Bron Breakker for example cannot be traced back to father Rick Steiner as well as Ava Raine at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

In a recent podcast interview conducted by former WWE referee Mike Chioda, Marella has in fact had her say about the WWE naming policy, showing disagreement with the case of her daughter Arianna Grace.

Marella’s daughter, in her past experiences in the ring used to perform with her real name and surname: Bianca Carelli. She then moved onto the NXT roster in compliance with her WWE naming policy and she had to change it to her current ring-name.

Santino Marella, former wrestler and father of the girl, does not contest the rule according to which the WWE prevents wrestlers from keeping a ring-name attributable to a parent. What he doesn’t really share about her daughter’s experience is why they forced her to change a name that in no way related to him. The girl in fact struggled with her real surname (Carelli) in any way attributable to the ring-name of her father (Marella).

However, there are instances where WWE has allowed the descendants of certain stars to keep the “family name”. Just think of Dominik Mysterio, Charlotte Flair or the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

Marella stated that Rhodes always gives 110% in the ring just to deserve his successes on the field without being accused of aiding and abetting.
Marella concluded her speech by declaring how nothing could infuriate Cody Rhodes more than being told that he reached his successes only thanks to his father’s name: Dusty Rhodes.

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