Natalie Portman told what it was like to become Mighty Thor


The actress who plays Jane Foster in the MCU returned to the saga to give life to the female version of the God of Thunder. At a press conference, she told how her transformation was.

It took almost a decade for Portman to return to the MCU.
© IMDbIt took almost a decade for Portman to return to the MCU.

It takes less and less for Thor-Love and thunder landing in the rooms. On July 7, a new film by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be available on the big screen and will become the second to do so this year, after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which can already be seen in Disney+). One of the most important elements of the new film is the return of Natalie Portman.

After Thor: The Dark Worldin 2013, Natalie Portman let the MCU and his character was not seen on screen again, which was only mentioned. However, hand in hand Taika Waititithe actress of The perfect assassin put himself back in the shoes of Jane Foster, this time with a more than interesting twist. As is known, portman will embody the version of the character that in the comics becomes mighty thor.

Avoiding spoilers, what is known is that part of the conversion of Janes Foster in Mighty Thor It has to do with the terminal cancer that they detect. This was anticipated by those involved in the film who decided to avoid further details to reserve surprises for the day of the premiere. But this did not prevent that during the press conference of Thor: Love and thunderin which spoilers was present, portman I won’t talk about this character change.

+Natalie Portman was shocked to be Mighty Thor

“It was crazy, of course. After seeing Chris Hemsworth with his wardrobe for so many years and then try it on (…) it was quite surreal for me the first time “explained Natalie Portman. However, her colleagues did not take long to highlight the dedication of the actress saying that she was the one who was always in the gym training to be in shape for the filming of Thor: Love and thunder.

“It’s very sweet”said in relation to the statements of his castmates and then highlighted: “I was especially appreciative of everyone’s imagination in casting a 5-foot-tall actress for a 6-foot-tall role. I think that really requires an acceptance of the possibility in your mind and it’s probably not something that I would get the chance to do, to be imagined, by any other group.”. On the other hand, Natalie Portman pointed out that it was a “big challenge” and stressed that he learned a lot from Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompsonwho had “a lot of experience in that world”.

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