Kate Winslet returns to HBO to star in ‘Trust,’ a series adaptation of Hernan Diaz’s bestseller

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Kate Winslet will return to television screens soon. After the success of Mare of Easttownthe actress returns to HBO as the lead and producer of Trust, a series based on the novel of the same name by Hernan Diaz, a bestseller in the United States that has received critical support.

Trust is a story about money, capitalism and power in 1920s New York, in which a legendary Wall Street tycoon who is not satisfied with a novel based on his life asks a secretary to write his memoirs. His secretary, and a ghost writer, begins to feel uncomfortable when he realizes he is rewriting history and the place that the tycoon’s wife occupies in it.

Trust is told from four points of view and plays with different genres in a gripping narrative puzzle that subverts the notion of truth. HBO has managed to get hold of the adaptation rights in a bid in which there were several competitors. The series is currently in development and has not yet hired the writer who will be in charge of making the adaptation.

Winslet, who won her second Emmy for Mare of Easttown (the first was for Mildred Piercealso from HBO), will soon start shooting read with Jude Law, a film based on the true story of fashion photographer turned war reporter Lee Miller. The Oscar winner for The Reader also has a role in Avatar: The Water Sense, by James Cameron, which will be released next December.

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