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It only took them two decades, but Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck they could have already become husband and wife, or, at least that is what many Spanish media collect, because the international ones are more restrained. So we are going to put the information in quarantine since it is already known that this news, until it is officially confirmed, cannot be considered true.

According to the latest information, everything seems to indicate that this weekend the couple said ‘yes, I do’ at the luxurious Ritz-Reynolds hotel in Lake Ocone, Georgia. A resort of those that are not accessible to everyone.

If it seemed to some that the hundred guests of Chenoa for their wedding they were scarce, what will they say about the wedding of this Hollywood couple who seems to have surrounded themselves with more or less the same number of friends and family.

Intimate weddings are a must for many. After Britney Spears Everything points to the arrival of the actress and singer who allegedly forced to sign confidentiality agreements to the guests. Look, there yes, just like our little triumph. It must be another trend among celebrities.

Both guests and workers at the link had to stamp their signature. But the organization forgot to make the residents of the lake houses also sign and those had no reason to shut up. So, the networks have given the information that the bride and groom have not given.

waiting for the exclusive

If no details have been revealed yet, you point out that it is because an exclusive millionaire has been signed that will soon allow us to see all the photos and know all the details of that wedding that arrives two decades late.

Let’s remember that back in the 2000s this was one of the couples most followed by the paparazzi and there was a ring through. But before taking the final step, an unexpected breakup came that separated them for a long time.

In the two decades that they have been apart, they have formed families of their own. She has two children with Mark Anthony and he has three with Jennifer Garner.

But love is what it has, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, that if it has to succeed, it will, even two decades later as has been the case. A year ago, the couple met again and despite initial reluctance, that second chances don’t always work, it seems that things have gone from strength to strength.

We are looking forward to seeing the singer and actress dressed in white again.

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