George Clooney, two by two?

George Clooney could be a father again at 60. The magazine ‘OK! Magazine’ has fueled pregnancy rumors by publishing some photos of lawyer Amal Clooney (43 years old) on its cover with a budding belly. He even dares to say that what they expect is, once again, Twins. The curve could be the result of causes unrelated to pregnancy, but since the publication they say they have the testimony of someone close to the couple who has confirmed it.

At the end of July, the journalist Julie Chang, close to Hollywood, assured that amal was pregnant, but a few days later the ‘Daily Mail’ published the testimony of the Clooney’s representative in which he explained that the rumors were not true and that at the moment they were not going to expand the family. Thus leaving in doubt the veracity of the information. But now ‘OK!’ insists and dares to confirm the double pregnancy.

The Clooneys would have communicated the news during a dinner with friends, according to the source consulted by the magazine. Amal confirmed that once the danger of the first trimester was over, he would make the news public domain and start showing off his little belly. Therefore, according to this information, the lawyer would already be in the third month of pregnancy and it would not be long before the couple made the good news official. Even during the aforementioned dinner they were able to talk about the godparents of the future babies, who would be their friends Harry and Meghan, Dukes of Sussex.

The close contact to the Clooneys also claimed that they are both overwhelmed with emotion. So much so that they have already told their twin children, Ella and Alexander, 4 years old. “They told the kids for her birthday. She’s been begging for a little sister, so everyone is expecting at least one girl.” According to that testimony, the Oscar winner was “dizzy with emotion and couldn’t wait to tell everyone” and that is at 60 and 43 years old, respectively, both of them could imagine that having a new child was something complicated and there was no guarantee. The couple, who married in 2014, would have been photographed in the exclusive Lake Como, in Italy, where they have their residence.

In the absence of official confirmation or denial, there are many magazines that are venturing to publish information about the pregnancy, either with sources that confirm it, such as the one cited by ‘OK!’, or with sources that deny it, such as the magazine ‘ AND! On-line’. It will be time that will finally be in charge of confirming or denying if soon the Clooney will be 6 in the family.

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