From Francesca Chillemi to Kylie Jenner: all sexy with the body-thong

Among the first to launch it there are Chiara Ferragni and Elisabetta Canaliswho sported the body-thong inspired by the Eighties as early as last January. And now there is no celeb, Italian or international, who doesn’t go crazy for it. Almost all of them show it off under jeans, leaving the hips uncovered.

Francesca Chillemi is back… Azzurra

Francesca Chillemi dared the body-thong with a super sporty look. The former Miss Italia took a short break from the set after having finished filming the TV series between Naples and Palermo “Purple like the sea”, Where he stars together with the beautiful Turkish actor Can Yaman.
On July 1st he will return to work: the filming of the fiction will resume “God help us”, Where she plays the fashion addicted Azure. In the meantime, Francesca Chillemi likes to propose her style ideas to her followers. And, of course, she can’t help but focus on the brand of her boyfriend, the entrepreneur Stefano Rossoson of the founder of Diesel, Renzo Rosso.

Francesca Chillemi 1200

Francesca Chillemi sexy with the body-thong (ph Instagram @francescachillemi)

Francesca Chillemi’s body-thong is sporty

In the last few hours, Francesca Chillemi has sent fans into raptures by posting a photo of her with a signed body-thong Diesel. It is a garment with a very accentuated leg cut and a maxi neckline both front and back. The leotard has the brand label in plain sight on the back. On the Diesel website it costs 75 euros. The former Miss Italy wore it with jeans.

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The Elettra Lamborghini body-thong has fringes

Elettra Lamborghini has also embraced the sexy trend of the body-thong. On the stage of the evening of Radio Bruno Estate in Florence, she presented herself with a super daring look: a white thong bodysuit with iridescent fringes, high-cut and with a wide neckline on the back. She paired it with white gloves and cuissards. Obviously he made the audience dance by performing in his new hit “Caramel”, Made with Rocco Hunt and Lola Indigo.

Chiara Ferragni anticipated the trend

Chiara Ferragni had launched the trend of the body-thong already in September of a year ago. Then, in January, she filmed it sporting a sexy model, blackto long sleeves and with a deep leg. The influencer paired it with a couple of black leather pants low-rise and with a pair of black high-heeled mules and a feather detail on the toe.
In recent days, however, she has inflamed her followers by being immortalized embraced by her husband Fedez and wearing a transparent body full of rhinestones. Supersexy and chic too.

Elisabetta Canalis sexy with jeans

Elisabetta Canalis also anticipated everyone, already showing off a super sexy thong bodysuit on jeans with cuts on the hips last January. She liked the trend so much, that in the last few days she has been posting photos where she is sporting a brighter body than the other: the first of her is black, smart, it can also be worn as a costume. But what has conquered the followers is golden, without a leg but so tight as to highlight all its forms.

Kylie Jenner with the swimsuit under her jeans

Abroad, the Kardashians are among the first to show off the leotard-thong trend. Kim wore one paired with a pair of oversized pants. It is a Maximilian Davis model with a super high-cut leg and a plunging neckline on the décolleté.
But the most original is Kylie Jenner, who dared to show off her metallic costume with jeans. And now everyone is imitating it.

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kylie jenner1200

Kylie Jenner flaunts costume with jeans (ph Instagram @kyliejenner)

Cover photo: Credit Agenzia Fotogramma

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