Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp: Dakota Johnson recalls a “devastating experience” on set with Johnny Depp | Present

acting is a skilland like most skills, it has the help of natural talent, but that’s not enough, because you also need a certain chemistry between the other actors to make the scene perfect, and dakota johnson he lived it in his own flesh.

The actress could not shut up and decided to share a experience happened on the set with Johnny Deppwith whom he has a great friendship behind the scenes, and whose moment he has described as “devastating”.

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It all happened while they were filming a scene from “Black Mass”where the actress confesses that they obtained the perfect emotional shotbut the production team had to tell them that the clip was out of focus and they had no choice but Do it again.

“It was a heavy, heavy experience. So we were shooting this scene and they did my take first. We did it a lot. I think you start to go numb, you dry up…certain preparations that you do or an actor does to get to a place of heightened emotions”Dakota shared.

“That’s one of the most devastating moments I’ve ever had on a film set…because it wasn’t the same when we came back.”explained the actress, who at the time was “shaking and crying” as Depp filmed his part of the scene, but something changed when they had to reshoot the scene.

However, despite this notable mistake, the project was a total success, thanks to the great chemistry and performance of the duo together with benedict cumberbatch Y Sienna Milleramong others.

What is “Black Mass” about?

The film tells the story of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, an Irish thug from Boston with a history of robbery and rape who spent most of his life in and out of jail. Upon release from Alcatraz prison, Bulger returned to his criminal lifestyle, using his status as an FBI informant to seize power from the city’s underworld.

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Johnson and the Depp trial

The actress also revealed that she does not remember exactly what happened at the moment that was recorded in a clip during her promotion tour, where, according to fans, Dakota notices the injury to Johnny’s finger.

“I was like, ‘for God’s sake, why? Why am I involved in this?’ I don’t remember that moment at all, but please, get me out of this. Don’t let it go any further. Can you imagine, oh my God, being called to the stand to testify?confessed the actress

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The video clip titled “The EXACT moment Dakota Johnson KNEW Amber Heard was VIOLENT with Johnny Depp” already has more than 4 million views.

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