Chris Hemsworth Says Tony Stark Never Respected Thor And Was Rude To Him

Thor, without a doubt, is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His powers, charisma and attractiveness made him a target of praise and very soon we will have the fourth movie with him. During an interview with comic book, Chris Hemsworth talks about his character and the little respect that Tony Stark always showed towards him, something that causes him conflict from time to time; the director, Taika Waititi, agreed with him.

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The last movie starring Thor was released in 2017, that is, five years have passed since we had him as the main character. The fourth installment returns us to the hero after the events of Avengers: Endgame – 95% have now gotten fit and come to terms with their personal tragedies; however, a new danger lurks and he will seek to collect with his life. Thor: Love and Thunder will present us with an adventure loaded with the style of Waititi and the family comedy that Marvel Studios loves so much.

In his recent meeting with comic book, Hemsworth talks about Thor’s relationship with Iron Man, characters that didn’t forge a very deep friendship and that, in fact, was rather based on teasing and sarcastic comments:

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I don’t know if Tony was ever very nice to Thor… [Thor] He was the butt of all jokes. He wasn’t. Cap was always a bit nicer and friendlier.

Taika Waititiin the same interview, agrees with Hemsworth and is surprised that Avengers: Infinity War no one would have been too interested in him beyond the advantage his powers had over Thanos’s army:

No, he was never nice to Thor… In Infinity War, you were away for a while… Then you land in Wakanda and no one says ‘Hello’ to you. Really? I found that strange. Yes, they are in the middle of a battle. I get it. But like everybody like, ‘Oh, there it is.’

Chris He closes the topic by commenting that the others didn’t even greet him: “Nobody says, ‘Hello’… It wasn’t even something like ‘What are your plans? Your hair looks different. You look good! You cut your hair.’ Nothing of that.” It’s worth mentioning that since 2017, Thor has become more of a comic relief character; the seriousness of the character was more or less left behind, however, it is possible to rescue flashes of volume such as the scene that he shares with Rocket in infinity warwhen he talks about the loss of his family and assures that by fighting Thanos he no longer has anything to lose.

No one would have imagined that the famous space Viking god would have a fourth solo installment, but it was. After the success of Thor: Ragnarok – 92%, Marvel Studios understood that Taika Waititi has a lot to contribute to the franchise and that is why they authorized a new installment. The style implemented by the filmmaker in his version of the character includes a lot of humor and color, resources that connected perfectly with many of the MCU’s consumers, raising box office receipts.

In addition to HemsworthNatalie Portman returns to the franchise as Jane Foster, however, we will see her be much more powerful than in previous installments, as we remember that the film will be partially an adaptation of The Mighty Thor, comic in which Foster manages to be worthy of Mjolnir and becomes the new Thor. Of course Tessa Thompson will return to her recurring role as Valkyrie. It opens on July 6.

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