Bombshell in the world of cinema! Cameron Diaz returns to acting after eight years

Cameron Michelle Diazwho rose to fame for movies like ‘The Mask’, ‘Something About Mary’ or ‘Charlie’s Angels’He hasn’t acted in eight years. Furthermore, after having his daughter Raddix Maddenat the beginning of 2019, had announced his retirement from the cinema in an interview. For a couple of decades he was one of the most popular faces in the film industry and his presence on screen was missed by many.

Nevertheless, Cameron Diaz is back. so announced Jamie Foxx in a very peculiar way, sharing a telephone conversation with her in which a special guest joined, the champion of the NFL Tom Brady. “Cameron, I hope you’re not mad that I recorded this, but there’s no going back now. I had to call the ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of All Time) to bring back another ‘GOAT’. Cameron Diaz and I are back in action with our new movie.”said the message that accompanied the publication of the call on Twitter.

‘Back in Action’, the film that marks the return of Cameron Diaz

Jamie Foxx asked Tom Brady for an ‘assist’ to break the news. And it is that the champion of the NFL he had announced his retirement this year and then backed down and said he will continue playing. “I was talking to Jamie And he told me you need a few tips to get out of retirement. I have some experience with this,” the quarterback said on the recording.

Cameron Diaz confirmed the news on his Instagram account through a story: “Jamie Foxx, only you could get me back in action! I can’t wait any longer, it’s going to be the bomb!” he wrote.

The actress will perform alongside Jamie Foxxwith whom she has already worked in two films: they both had a role in ‘Any Given Sunday’ (1999) and then they coincided in the musical remake of ‘Annie’ (2014), one of the actress’s last jobs before her retirement.

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