All the news of Minecraft update 1.19

After a long wait it’s here Wildthe new update of Minecraft. Now that it is available in both Java and Bedrock, we are going to review some of its new features, which are not few.

To begin with, let’s talk about the mighty warden which, quite possibly, has become one of the monsters with the highest amount of life in the entire game. But it is not only a tank: its attacks can even take away 4 hearts at a stroke. Quite a challenge even for the most experienced players.

This Warden is in charge of guarding Deep Dark, one of the new biomes that we can find in this update. This biome is characterized, as its name indicates, for being very dark and for being found in very deep cave systems.

The new Minecraft frogs

Another of the new ecosystems that we can enjoy in this version of Minecraft is that of theThe Mangroves. It is an update of the classic swamps, with the difference that these trees, the mangroves, will provide us with wood that we did not know until now.

Lastly, the arrival of the Frogs It has become one of the star novelties of update 1.19. If we feed these harmless animals with lava, we will obtain a froglighta lighting block that will offer us many possibilities.

Of course, Minecraft will never cease to amaze us and more with updates like this. Here we are guaranteed dozens of hours of new content and many secrets to discover.

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