A new era of fashion in which the color pink reigns

In 2022, Barbie remains a style icon, so it’s no surprise that ‘Barbiecore’ is inspiring looks everywhere from high fashion collections to the closets of our favorite celebs, again.

Smiling from the front seat of her hot pink convertible, dressed in a blue and white striped tank top with a matching bracelet and headband, Margot Robbie looks just like Barbie herself. In this case, that’s a good thing, especially since the actress is playing the iconic character in a live-action movie, set for release in 2023. While we’re excited to see the star do her thing on screen (it’s a comedy! !), we can be even more excited for all the clothing. Barbiecore as a trend already seems to be emerging in the fashion world, and colorful beauty exudes confidence and fun, something we’ll be happy to take more of.

A little history about the famous doll: Barbara Millicent Roberts made her debut on the American toy market in 1959, but the truth is that “Barbie” was never intended to be just a cute toy. Created by Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler, the real intention was to give girls a doll that would serve as a role model. Although Barbie was first introduced to the world wearing a black and white swimsuit, matching sunglasses, gold earrings and black heels, it wouldn’t take long for her to ditch that swimsuit for the more than one billion people. looks they wear throughout the franchise. More than 200 outfits have represented the fictional person’s many impressive career paths, including doctors and nurses, astronauts, air force pilots and more.

Still, even as Barbie added to her resume and her looks evolved (Mattel now has a much more inclusive offering in terms of body type), part of the appeal was still the doll’s bold fashion sense. In many cases, Barbie served as a child’s first experience with “grown-up” style and was the inspiration they needed to experiment with clothing outside of their play world. For many designers, Barbie was a muse and this 2022 the Barbiecore is THE trend that everyone joins.

Barbiecore, but in its beginnings

It’s safe to say that barbiecore as a fashion movement has been building even before we saw Robbie take on the lead role. For example, Tyra Banks took on the custom doll aesthetic as Eve in Disney’s 2000 Lifesize movie, and Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde circa 2001 was essentially a Barbie girl in a lawyer’s world.

We also saw plenty of glimpses of the trend throughout the 2010s: Nicki Minaj often sported some Barbie-inspired looks after her own Barbie doll hit the market in 2011 (and you’ll still see the rapper wearing her diamond necklace). with the Barbie plate for this day). In 2015, Paris Hilton donated a pink Barbie swimsuit poolside in Ibiza, and shoe designer Sophia Webster collaborated with Barbie on a limited-edition shoe collection that same year. We also can’t forget Gigi Hadid’s bright millennial pink Kreist pantsuit from 2017, which she wore with matching pink velvet Aquazzura platforms. The look remains one of our favorites in fashion history.

Kacey Musgraves also wore an iconic Barbie outfit to the 2019 Met Gala: a floor-length hot pink biker dress designed by Moschino (a very Barbiecore brand!), complete with matching hair dryer tote, cat-eye sunglasses and diamond chandelier teardrop earrings. , and shiny silver Aldo shoes. The look was almost an exact replica of the Barbie x Moschino doll, which was being sold in the museum’s gift shop at the time.

Barbiecore in 2022

Kim Culmone, senior vice president of design for Barbie and Fashion Dolls, tells InStyle that like the beloved doll, Barbiecore is constantly evolving. “Barbie is inspired by pop culture and fashion. And like many of us, her style evolves to reflect current trends and culture,” she says. By 2022, when we return to the office and get our social lives back, it’s Barbie’s authentic playfulness and bright, bold color palette that people are trying to inject into their daily routines.

So how can you carry the Barbiecore in your closet? Well, pink is still Barbie’s favorite shade. “Pink has always been Barbie’s favorite color, it even has its own ‘Barbie Pink’ Pantone shade, PMS 219,” says Culmone. “For Barbie, pink represents limitless potential and is a symbol of female empowerment, which fits perfectly with the purpose of the brand.”

In an age where power dressing reigns supreme, Barbiecore encompasses all things empowered, bold and bright, so if pink isn’t your color of choice, you can stick to shades that are more “you” or experiment with others. shades like orange and green. As for specific pieces to add to her wardrobe, matching outfits and outfits are obvious staples, but fashion designer Betsey Johnson wants you to remember that Barbie has always been a symbol of a blank canvas, inviting people to imagine your own style in the midst of trends.

“Especially millennial women who grew up with Barbie, specific aesthetic lines are blurring more and more every day,” Johnson tells InStyle. You can mix vacation style with work style or mix style genres, like pretty and punk. His advice? Shop for pieces that are “simple, elegant, and mix and match for any occasion.”

Celebrities are also fans of Barbiecore

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