We tell you everything: why these celebrities are part of the Ferrari blacklist

The Italian sports car brand is very rigorous and has rules for people who buy their cars. They do it to take care of their image and whoever breaks the rules is banned from future purchases. There are several celebrities who are prohibited from getting models of the ‘Cavallino Rampante’ and here we explain why.

If we talk about luxury cars, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Ferrari. With a long tradition in the automotive industry, it has forged a status within the market and that is why it has the luxury of imposing rules on its buyers to take care of the image of its powerful and powerful cars. Those who fail to comply with these regulations have been included in a ‘black list’ in which they are totally banned from buying Italian vehicles.

Celebrities who have been banned by Ferrari

5. Nicholas Cage

At the time, the actor made headlines when Ferrari decided not to sell him more of their cars. He bought the Enzo edition, valued at a million dollars. Although he paid for it, it seems that Nicolas Cage had a financial crisis and the first decision he made was to sell this car and he did it for a much lower value than the company stipulated. For that reason, he went straight to the Prancing Horse blacklist.

Nicolas Cage with his Ferrari Enzo.

4. Deadmau5

In 2013, the most curious veto ever seen at Ferrari was given. This musician decided to stamp a ‘NyanCat’ on his Ferrari 458 Spider and renamed it ‘Purrari’. Well, many of his followers liked this customization, but the Italian company did not. Since then, Deadmau5 cannot buy any more cars of this brand.

Deadmau5’s ‘Purrari’.

3. 50 Cent

The famous rapper also had Ferrari cars in his garage, but on one occasion he decided to use his image to put pressure and publicly complain against the Italian firm. He bought the 488 edition, claimed that the car would not start and in the end it was revealed that the battery was dead. Just because of the controversy he created, Ferrari added him to his list of vetoes.

50 Cent next to his Ferrari 488.

2.Kim Kardashian

One of the strongest policies that Ferrari has has to do with the purchase. Any business that can generate some kind of public scandal is frowned upon by the company. Well, Kim got one of the Italians from him through a dubious purchase with a financial scammer. For that reason, the leader of the Kardashians cannot even go near a Prancing Horse store.

Kim Kardashian with her Ferrari 458 Italia.

1.Floyd Mayweather

If there is an extravagant figure in the world of sports, it is Mayweather. The absurd amount of money this man makes from his boxing matches almost makes no sense. Also, he spends his fortune buying luxury cars. Well, Ferrari wanted the popular ‘Money’ to have one of his machines, but the sportsman almost always decides to sell his cars later. The Italians considered that he would not value the brand and decided not to sell him a single vehicle.

Floyd Mayweather shows off his luxury cars in his garage.

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