This is the video of Ben Affleck’s son stamping his father’s Lamborghini Urus against a BMW X6

A few days after the news of the crash of a Lamborghini at the hands of Ben Affleck’s youngest son was published, fFinally, the video has been leaked where you can see the actor react quickly to the innocent recklessness of Samuel Affleck, 10 years old.

In the video you can see how the youngest son of the interpreter of ‘Batman’ got behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini Urus, valued at more than 260,000 euros. In an instant of carelessness, the little boy crashed a BMW X6 car, valued at more than 155,000 euros, by accidentally reversing the car. This happened at a luxury car rental dealership in Los Angeles, California, while Ben and his fiancée, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, were looking at all the car models available there.

According to the information provided by ‘The New York Post’, Ben Affleck allowed his son to get into the driver’s seat for a few minutes, while he watched the car from outside and the ‘Diva from the Bronx’ sat in the back. from behind the vehicle. However, Samuel Affleck, without realizing what he was doing, began to reverse the car, which is usually rented for about 1,400 euros per day, colliding with the white BMW X6 that was parked right behind the Lamborghini.

Immediately, Ben realizes what happened and intervenes, approaching his son to tell him that he should stop backing up the car, since he just collided with another car.. Samuel gets out of the car with a worried look on his face, while Ben sits behind the wheel to put it back in its place, chatting frequently with the people in charge of the place. Also, as you can see in the video, there was not much damage to report and no one was injured because it was a fairly light crash and very low speed. This was confirmed by an employee of the ‘777 exotics’ dealership, who assured that most of the cars in the place are parked very close to each other, so it is almost impossible that the car could have picked up a lot of speed, thus avoiding a bad elderly.

In fact, the employee assured that the accident itself has only been a small scare for the child, since the dealer has no intention of filing charges for the damages and there is no problem with the actor or his family either. since they understand that it was an accident and that the child had no intention of damaging the property.

At the moment, the video already has more than 52,000 reproductions and some comments, among which the following stand out: “Wow. I’m glad everyone is okay,” “Oh my God! Poor JLo”, “What a scare they got”. However, despite this small accident, the family continued to enjoy the weekend and continued to see the other cars without any problem.

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