The reason why Pablo Motos will not have guests on Thursday, June 30

No celebrity guests will be partying this Thursday at the anthillbut it’s for a good reason. The Pablo Motos program reaches 2,500 programs and will do a special dedicated to its workers full of surprises.

The idea is that the personnel who are not normally seen on television pass by in front of the camera and tell anecdotes and curious facts about the program. Something that will undoubtedly provide a lot of content since there are 16 seasons on the air.

Trancas and Barrancas threw a dart at the competition:

Trancas and Barrancas are the show’s mascots.


“Reaching the 2,500 program is beyond my wildest dreams. I am indebted to all the people on my team who give their lives to make a program where nothing is impossible. I have seen a video that we are going to put on that program and I don’t believe it myself. I feel very proud and very grateful to be part of this team”, said Pablo Motos.

Since 2006

‘El hormiguero’ is on the way to two decades on television

The first broadcast of the anthill It was on September 24, 2006 in Cuatro. Pablo Motos was doing a program on M80 Radio called We are nobody and from the new chain they were interested in taking it, in some way, to television, thus the famous program was born.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in 'The Anthill'

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in ‘The Anthill’

‘The Anthill’

In its first season it was broadcast on Sundays and did not reach a large audience. However, the chain bet heavily on motorcycles and made it shorter but from Monday to Thursday and also on Saturdays. That was when little by little he gained viewers.

In 2010 the jump was huge, in the season premiere Will Smith and Jackie Chan were guests. Something that gave way to being one of the programs that brought the most international guests. In several interviews, Pablo Motos has explained that due to the unavailability of celebrities to come to Spain, they set up two removable sets, one in Berlin and the other in London. From there they made several programs without the audience noticing.


Justin Bieber presents his new work in ‘El Hormiguero’


The alleged economic differences with Mediaset meant that the program ended up leaving Cuatro and was bought by Atresmedia. The chain bet much more and placed it in the prime time of its main chain, Antena 3.

In 2011 it opens The Anthill 3.0 on the new channel and since then the audience has been rising to become one of the most watched programs in Spain. At the moment, Pablo Motos and his team continue with the intention of continuing to do the program much longer and there is no prospect of things changing.

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