Sistine, the beautiful daughter of Sylvester Stallone who has just turned 24

Sylvester Stallone don’t miss an opportunity brag about daughters. The veteran actor, along with his wife Jennifer Flavin, is the father of Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet. And the protagonist recently has been the median, Sistine, for the 24 years she has just turned.

He is dedicated to acting, like his father, and he could be seen with him at the premiere of his latest film, ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’. Also with Sophia and Scarlet. Then the ‘Rocky’ actor was already very proud of them: “I’m a very manvery lucky to have such wonderful and loving daughters They bring me nothing but joy.”

Now he has shown all that affection again with Sistine to congratulate you on your 24 years just met through a post on her Instagram: “Very very happy birthday to our amazing Sistine! Every day with you is ChristmasAnd you are the best gift!”

Sistine has also wanted to remind her followers of such an important date, and has published a photo to celebrate it: “I’m turning 24 today, so make it 24 shots“. His sister Sophia has commented on him very effusively in the post “Epic!”.

‘Unwaxed’, the podcast of the daughters of Sylvester Stallone

Precisely, along with his sister Sophia, Sistine co-hosts the ‘Unwaxed’ podcast‘, in which they talk about curiosities and share with their fans information about their life as sisters and daughters of a movie star. The last episode was Sistine’s birthday special.

In the previous chapter, they had mentioned his father in a way that raised many comments among the followers of the program. And it is that she Sophia she told that when she was little she once crossed her mind have a date with his father: “I told mom, if you ever get divorced, i’ll marry him“. Comment to which Sistine reacted very expressively.

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