Reactions to Tom Cruise’s gesture at the premiere of Top Gun in Korea

During the red carpet, social networks were filled with positive comments to the actors of the new sequel to the action movie as they made gestures typical of Korean celebrities.

This June 18, the cast of the recent film by Tom CruiseTop Gun: Maverick, was presented at the premiere of the tape in South Korea. The actresses of the sequel went to the capital of the Asian country to promote the action film.

In this way, the famous protagonists of the tape praised South Korean fans with adorable gestures typical of celebrities in the country.

For the same reason, Korean media highlighted Tom Cruise for making signs of affection to his followers on several occasions. From the “korean heart” and the so-called «aegyo»expression to refer to tender and adorable gestures, the American actor showed those every time he appeared on camera.

Reactions to Tom Cruise

Users of Twitter They didn’t let this down and reacted positively to the gestures made by Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast of the Top Gun sequel during the red carpet of its premiere.

Most compared the group of actors to a K-Pop group as they posed with signs of heart for fans who attended the premiere event.

Who also highlighted her participation was the K-Pop singer alexawhich in your twitter account uploaded a photo with the American actor with the following message: “I am very happy to have been able to stand in front of so many new faces, including Tom Cruise! An Acting Legend”.

The Korean pop artist also had her participation by cheering at the event and took the opportunity to interpret her recent international single “Wonderland” “It was such an honor to be able to perform at the Tom Gun Maverick premiere in Korea!wrote.

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