Pride beauty: nails, makeup and rainbow hairstyles

It may be because makeup, at the expense of correcting, is used more and more as a tool to express one’s individuality, but now Pride parades in support of the LGBTQIA + community have become real inclusive beauty parades, places where you can celebrate uniqueness also through your own look. Not surprisingly, according to the visual search engine Pinterest, searches for “gender fluid aesthetics” have doubled and, among the most recent ones linked to the Pride fashion shows, searches for “makeup pride ideas” have doubled and those of “hidden rainbow hairstyle” have tripled.

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Pride Month: supporting beauty for the LGBTQIA + community

by Martina Manfredi

For this, to get involved in the celebrations of inclusiveness and acceptance, we have collected a few multicolored beauty look to show off at the parade in Milan on 2 July, but also all summer to reaffirm our support for the cause. Lowest common denominator: i six colors of the rainbow flag created in 1978 by the artist Gilbert Baker – red (symbol of life), orange (health), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), indigo (harmony) and purple (spirit) – declined in make-up, nail art and hairstyles.


The rise of imperfect make-up, to express oneself without “correcting”

by Martina Manfredi

The Pride Trick

Courtesy Kiko

Courtesy Kiko

The make-up brand Kiko con created openly designed make-up for the Pride fashion shows two make-up looks focused on the eyes: one more graphic with a line of electric shades that traces the perimeter of the eye (above right), and one – the most popular and loved by stars – with rainbow smokey eyes in full colors and super shiny lips (left) .

The actress has already reinterpreted and worn these looks in real life Lucy Boyntonwith a pastel version of the graphic look (his make-up artist Jo Baker called him a “sorbet aure”) and the influencer Chiara Ferragniwith a rainbow smokey eyes with more delicate nuances and a shimmer effect created by her make-up artist Manuele Mameli.

Too elaborate? The alternative for the less experienced, proof of beginners, he had suggested Cara Delevingne: multicolored tears drawn under the lower lash line.

Multicolored nails

There rainbow manicure or mismatched manicure with different colors for each finger, it has been on trend for several seasons already and for Pride Month it returns to the fore in many different variations. To show his support for the community Megan Fox she chose a very square French manicure with a different (fluorescent) color for each nail. The rainbow drawn on each nail proposed by the nail artist Imarni is more explicit and elaborate.

The latest version of the classic rainbow manicure, on the other hand, uses pastel shadesas proposed by the nail art guru Betina Goldstein using the new Chanel nail polish collection The sun, the sky and the sea: coral pink, orange, lilac, coral, white and pistachio.

Opi, on the other hand, offers its new summer collection of 12 glazes Power of Hue for a nail art which incorporates the colors of the rainbow flag by breaking it down into six vertical dots drawn on a white base.

Rainbow hairstyles

& nbsp; Cardi B (GettyImages)

Cardi B (GettyImages)

For a more impactful look, as he teaches Cardi B, the rainbow effect can be brought to a “higher” level: on the hair. To participate in the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, the rapper paired a tight-fitting rainbow jumpsuit with a lob or a long platinum blonde bob with shaded tips in the colors of the rainbow in one effect reverse ombré. The crease also contributed to the dramatic rendering of the look, with large bouncing waves that gave greater dimension to each shade.

To replicate the look without permanent effects you can use the temporary colored maskssuch as Color Mask by Fanola, a line of masks designed to revive and change hair color in two minutes (the effect lasts from 8 to 10 washes).

Fanola Color Mask

Fanola Color Mask

Finally, for a more discreet rainbow hairstyle, multicolored locks can be “hidden” in a section of hair below to be revealed with a half ponytail hairstyle or by simply lifting the lock above with a hair clip. Also in this case, there is a way to replicate the look without dyes: just use one extensionsuch as Great Lenghts’ GL Pre-Bonded Rainbow.

GL Pre-Bonded Rainbow by Great Lenghts

GL Pre-Bonded Rainbow by Great Lenghts

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