Kim Kardashian, jet and baby camping for daughter North’s birthday

A day specialin the name of adventure. Kim Kardashian unveiled on his Instagram profile the splendid party organized to celebrate the eldest Northwhich he completed on June 15th 9 years. As evidenced by the photos of her published online, the showgirl has made available to her daughter and friends his famous private jetset up for the occasion with fake cobwebs and shaped pillows trunk.

At the entrance to the aircraft, above the access ladder, there was an inscription with silver balloons: Camp North. The seven girls, including cousin Penelopewere in fact brought to a splendid location surrounded by greenery. A real campsite, among lush woods and a suggestive lake, where you can try your hand in many activities: from archery to wakeboarding, passing through the promenade on the suspension bridge.

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Finally, for the night, Kim set up in a salon some small tentswith a low table in front and a lantern: just enough time to rest, and then go straight back to the open air the next morning, complete with helmet and harness. For North it is certainly not new to spend the birthday in contact with nature: two years ago, due to the emergency coronavirushe had celebrated on his father’s ranch, Kanye West.

A party in western style, where the family and guests had been able to ride freely in the prairies of Wyomingrelaxing between hay bales and go-kart races: there was no lack of fireworks and a huge shaped cake cowboy hat. It is not known whether it has been prepared again this year a themed cakeit is certain that once again – when it comes to honoring North – the nature is the protagonist.

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